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april 12

Yesterday was a good day.  Let me tell you about it.
I got up early and worked, as usual.  My work productivity has definitely decreased.  lol.  I sit down and will do a listing, browse around for 10 minutes, do another listing, repeat.  It's kind of awful.  Sometimes I get in a streak and can just finish my listings and be done and I love that.  Thankfully, I've still been having some sales every day.  I have plenty of inventory thanks to my kids resale event being cancelled, my cache of athletic wear for my annual athletic wear sale (might happen later this summer, who knows?), and a huge tote of stuff my sister gave me.
After work I started sewing some masks, trying another pattern on the CDC website.  I've been looking for 2 that feels extra safe that you can add a filter to, and one that sews up quickly so I can make a bunch and donate.  I ordered 40 yards of fold over elastic on ebay for $30, shipped, and it came really fast.  If you're curious, th…

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