I guess we all have our needs

James woke up with a cold this morning and I knew I needed to get us all out of the house if we were to survive until naptime. He wasn't too keen on the Target idea but with a little persuasion he put his pants back on and got in the mini. Once there, this is how it played out:

J: I don't wanna go to Target.
S: Okay, Ruby & I will go in and you can wait in the mini. We will miss you, though.
J: Otay. My will come in. (He interchanges "I" and "My" now)
S: Okay, I will go get a cart
J: NOOOOOOO. My don't wanna ride in a tart.
S: You have to ride in a cart through the parking lot. You may get out of the cart in the store WHEN I SAY.
J: whimpering to himself while I fetch cart.

Here is where it gets good. I walk to grab a cart and momentarily entertain the thought of a trip to Target all! by! my! self! But, I return to the mini like a good mother and get James out of his carseat. I am about to give him a snuggle because he doesn't feel good, poor kid. He slaps me! Right in the Target parking lot! I put him in his carseat for a time out. While I'm getting Ruby out I tell him he needs to apologize.

J: No.
S: That was very naughty. Why did you hit mama?
J: I just needed to.

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! It was so hard not to crack up. I put him in the cart, gave him a snack and we actually had a very nice trip. He was in a much better mood after he ate and I let him walk all over the store. He loves the walking privilege and hates to have it revoked so it works out well. Ruby was cracking up just watching him wander in front of us and explore. And, there is a Lands' End inlet right by our Target so I got my new jacket afterwards!! Yay! I love it.


  1. so he needed to slap you, hmmmm? remember when i needed to throw the pkg. of oreo's at you ???:) now maybe you can relate just a tiny bit....hey, isn't that e-mail address you sent for marlene actually your father's e-mail address? now i absolutely love this blog! as a matter of fact this is the second time i looked at it today. it's in my favorites and so easy to find now! imagine that....i also love your new jacket and want one exactly like it. seriously, it's great honey and you deserve it. hey...could someone steal them when you're off getting a cart? i don't really like the sound of that......any luck with thomas? hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.....just give him a call, ok? :)
    i have to run. the newest pictures are adorable. they do amuse each other already, don't they? ok, talk to you soon. keep on bloggin! xo to you all. gramma

  2. Okay, Mom. These comments are public so now EVERYONE who reads my blog knows you threw Oreos at me once.

    That email address is Marlene's. She has Dad's old computer so she left the email the same.


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