I am so happy it's Friday! I love the weekends for a lot of reasons, mainly because we get some time all together and I get some time all alone. This weekend may be a busy one. This is what I'm thinking so far:

1. Take James to Jasper's party on Saturday morning - I'm looking forward to having some time alone with him - not at the party but after. Maybe I'll take him to lunch or something. (or the thrift store if he's really lucky)
2. We might all go to the Enchanted Forest Saturday night, if it's nice out
3. RETURN OUR DEAD TREE (this has been bothering me for AGES)
4. Do some auctions
5. Make a meal plan for the next month
6. Get groceries
eta:7. DUH! I have to check out the new Trader Joes! Yay!!!

What a boring post. But I am documenting my life! See that, Patrick!?


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