Thank you, Lord.

I woke up this morning with 2 sick kids. I was physically craving fresh air but the frost on the grass told me I shouldn't take them outside. Okay, the thrift store it is! The last 10 minutes before we leave the house are normally among the worst of the day. I am trying to remember 15 things, James won't put his shoes on, Ruby is screaming and I am normally starving. So. There's all that. I feel pretty manic as I pull out of the garage but about 5 minutes later my blood pressure starts to drop. It's gorgeous out today! I'm drinking coffee that isn't bitter even though I made it 2.5 hours ago! Ruby fell asleep! So many small blessings equal one huge relief for me. We ended up going for about an hour long walk along Lake Monona. James whined at first but then he enjoyed himself. Ruby started screaming just as we turned back and James, in his infinite wisdom, says, "Wuby wants to be carried." And she did. He knows her so well already. :) You can see a few more pics here, and a video soon. Oh yeah, my jacket rocks!

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