Geez, 6 months already.

Our little bubles is 6 months old today. sob.

We have had a fun day so far. I have such better days when I wake up to a picked up house and have a few minutes to myself. Sometimes I am too tired at night to get it all in order, and so is Patrick, but when we can it makes a huge difference for me. Anyways. Onto the children. I know that's why you're all here.

Ruby was been a bit fussy this morning. I think she is sad to be growing up so quickly. Or else it's teeth. We met Kate & Natalie at the mall this morning and she didn't nap at all in the car on the way there. She hung in there at the mall until around 12:30...amazing! She had been up since 7:30. I hope she doesn't plan on making this a habit. As a special birthday treat I let her chew on my phone:

James & Natalie had a great time at the mall. First, they played dress up:

Then they laid under a table while Kate & I wept.

Ha ha, not really. We didn't weep until our grand scheme to put them both in our double stroller with candy canes so we could look through the GAP in peace backfired. Natalie easily got out of the stroller and James asked me to hold my hand out so he could spit his candy cane into it. (true story)

I am super tired right now so I'm going to post my new videos and go rest for 5 minutes until one of them arises. xo


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