I wish I had some candy.

I haven't actually written anything for so long. I had all these cute ideas but they'll have to wait. I'm just going to ramble for a while.

1. I love how James says "we guys." As in, "We guys all gonna go up and read?"

2. I had such a lovely day with Ruby on Saturday. She was a happy girl and it was really fun to hang out with her. Like I told my mom - I don't want another baby. I still only want Ruby. I need to focus (chew) on her for a while longer. My friend Heidi was here today...her daughter is now 15 months old and Heidi says she's ready for a baby. Piper is a brut, she says. haha. I'm not there yet.

3. James bit Brooke really hard today. She had a clear imprint of his ring of teeth on her forearm. I put him in his room immediately...I felt awful. He hasn't bit in MONTHS. When I went up to get him, he told me how it went down. Brooke would not relinquish the binoculars. Well, she deserved it then, I said. JUST KIDDING. I told him how Brooke was hurt and felt really sad. He looked up and me and said, "Brooke is very hurt?" and I could see he felt remorse. Thank God. I don't think he's a serial killer. He apologized and Brooke said, " it's allright" and then gave him the treasured binoculars. Rebecca & I nodded happily and went back upstairs to our coffee. It's nice that they play downstairs alone for the most part now. I think James' biting was the only major problem today. When we (the moms) are not all there they can work almost everything out on their own. It's probably not the way we would do it but that's okay. They're 3 and it's good to see them learning to play together.

4. I have quite a few auctions up this week. Click over on the right to see them. The vintage sweater is particularly lovely. I hope it sells.

5. We now have a printer and I am thrilled! I printed out and used 5.00 worth of coupons the other day. I am keeping track to show Patrick that this $50 printer was a wise investment. :) I am also having fun printing out lists from REAL SIMPLE and coloring pages & crap for James.

6. Last night at Cub James said MOMMY around 400 or 500 times. He says it quickly, one right after the other like, "mommymommymommymommy" until I hit him. Then he says it while he's crying. HA! I offered him to the people in line behind me but they wanted Ruby instead. Join the club, I says. HAHAHAHAHAHAHa.

I'm feeling a little punchy so I'm going to go lay down. xo

p.s. The post title is not clever. You didn't miss any tie-in story.
I just wish I had some candy.


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