It's a white trash Thursday! We spent most of the morning hanging out at Target, which isn't too trashy in and of itself. It's the fact that my son had no shoes on his feet (mom forgot them!) the whole time we were there, that's trashy. He did fine. Who needs shoes?! Our Target cafeteria lunch was also pretty trashy but actually quite enjoyable. The kids played nicely, Ruby slept and Kate & I actually got to speak a few complete sentences to eachother. While wandering the toy section, James & Natalie were thrilled to find this large pony. I think we will be getting it for James for Christmas because it is only $269.99. I think that petting it's "fur real" fur and feeding it the fake carrot would give him HOURS of enjoyment. I bet next year's model will take pony size dumps to compete with Baby Alive.

The dollar spot stuff was all 75% off this morning so I picked up lots of crap stocking stuffers. I have to cut corners somewhere (sorry, family!) due to the pony expense. I know you'll all understand.


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