Our Day So Far

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I was up ALONE this morning. I had almost an hour to myself to clean up the kitchen, check my email, make coffee and start a load of laundry. That is bliss to me these days. Ruby got up around 7:30 and James followed shortly before 8:00. I was feeling so refreshed I whipped up a yogurt cone with bananas for breakfast. He loved it and had 2.

It happens to be another, and probably the last, gorgeous day. Ruby took a long morning nap so I wanted to leave for a walk as soon as she was up. James decided he HAD to wear his fish swim trunks. At first, I said no. It is too chilly, blah, blah, blah. Then I realized, as he was screaming in his room, that this wasn't a battle I wanted to choose. If he wore the shorts and got cold that would teach him something. Interestingly enough, he agreed to wear a turtleneck & sweatshirt with them. Here are the results:

The word on the street has been that there is a new playground a block away. We decided to investigate and were thrilled to find this:

It is a really nice one with lots of features I haven't seen before. Surprising since I am such a playground connoisseur. James & I thought it was great but Ruby started screaming before too long. See if you can spot a possible reason why in this picture:

Just looking at that bent over ear gives me the shivers. Sorry girl. I fixed her hat and brought her over to join us. She gave it a little lick and decided it was pretty cool.

Before you jump all over me for letting my daughter lick playground equipment REMEMBER...it's only a week old! How many germs can there be??? (we'll find out) After a little picnic we headed home, not without some more wailing from Ruby when she decided she wanted to nurse IMMEDIATELY! (sorry folks, no photo) Ha ha. Actually, I let her cry for the half block home. She ate and went down for another nap and I informed James it was his time as well. This is the look I got:

For different reasons, looking at this picture also gives me the shivers. I fear I might see it a lot in the years to come.


  1. oh my gosh........yup, i'm afraid it's a look you'll see again say, several million times.
    sorry for your trouble, but you are the mothership. haha
    well, look on the bright side, he's perfect in so many ways, isn't he?
    i feel your pain....

    been there, lived to tell about it.


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