Walmart Love

So. Thanks, Mom. Good job, Bob!

Not much has changed in the time since I've last blogged. EXCEPT! Our baby girl has no food allergies! Yay!!! Thank God! That was excellent news. Everything else is still the same. Case in point: James went down for his nap at 1:00pm. At 1:40 I hear knocking. I opened his door and he's standing there with a pair of zip fly khakis on backwards and holding up a short sleeved t shirt for help. He had also pooped. I got him changed and in some sweats and tried to gently lay him down. He kept promising bodily harm so I made a quick exit coming this close to slamming his fingers in the door. He's asleep now. I think.

I really love the Walmart photo center. You can order all sorts of cool stuff with your face all over it. Like these:

Who wouldn't want to receive a gift with one of those tags???

(I am so cracking up right you, seester!)


  1. these are so should be sure tim and her other friends get to see it. we love you annie....har-har


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