Weekend Update

We had a lovely weekend. Here are some highlights.

1. I went to Dig & Save all by myself on Saturday. I didn't find a whole lot but did get a couple toys for Ruby & James and a Tommy Hilfiger dress to try and sell. I was there quite a while and really enjoyed myself. They had about 5 of the old little people buildings but they were all priced between $5-$30. It was fun to just look at them again.

2. James & Ruby went to bed early all weekend so Patrick and I had some blissful time together. We are sooooo looking forward to next weekend when Grandma will be here to watch them in the evening. We are planning on seeing both the new Bond flick and Bobby.

3. At bedtime Friday night: (he has called us "Mom" and "Dad" all weekend)

J: Mom, will you please touch my body?

S: (thinking, thinking...) Oh! You mean rub your back?

J: Yes, please.

4. I tried to take some potential Christmas card pictures Saturday morning. A lot harder with 2, that's all I'll say. I did get some cute ones but not quite to the cuteness level I was hoping for. Here's a sample. (more outtakes at yahoo)

5. We just hung out here most of the day on Sunday letting the children have their naps, etc. When they were both up at about 3 we headed to Caribou Coffee. It's typically pretty quiet at the location we go to and they have some toys for James to play with. They have these adorable mini coffee mug ornaments that I just love. I also love their napkins. Very clever. (They also have the ones that say, "A day without coffee is like a day without coffee." Ha! So true!)

I put some more pictures up on my Yahoo page.

6. James to Ruby in the minivan today, "Wuby, you are a very useful engine."

7. We ate our planned dinner of pork tenderloin and mashed potatos for lunch so tonight there were slim pickings. I decided to try this new recipe I had for a cornbread chili bake. It was very easy and sounded good...chili with cornbread baked on top! I went up to put Ruby to bed right when Patrick and James started eating. When I came down Patrick looked kind of grim. I asked how it was and he said fine. So not true. I took my first bite and was shocked at the absolute lack of flavor. I said as much to Patrick and this is where the fun began.

P: Good work, Bunny. It must be pretty hard to get all the flavors to exactly cancel each other out.
P: Well, there was a little hint of bean.
S: Snort!
S: It's Cornbread Surprise. Surprise! (guffaw) It has no flavor.
I put it all down the disposal and fixed myself a plate of leftover lunch. I asked Patrick if he wanted a bite.
P: Nope. (patting his belly) I got a full belly. Full of nothin'.

He said this ranked right up there with the flavorless Saltines & Hair hotdish I made when we were first married.

8. Well, my auctions ended Sunday night and I have to say I was THRILLED! I spent $3 for the 5 items that sold for $105 total. After Ebay fees I will have cleared about $97...pretty nice right before Christmas. I love to make a little money every once in a while. It's alot more fun to spend money I made myself for some reason. The big surprise of the group was the pop up book from 1978. It must have been the winner's favorite one as a child or something. So glad I could help! :) Now I'm even more excited to go Christmas shopping next Friday with my mom!

9. I have been eating this tasty & healthy snack of walnuts and craisins lately. Tonight I got the idea to coat a handful in almond bark. Oh. My. Gosh. Healthy goes out the window but it was sooooo tasty. Here's a pic:

10. I noticed the other day how I rarely write anything about Patrick. This startled me because he still is the favorite part of most of my days. I guess James & Ruby are the most consuming part so that is what my focus is here. I get a little choked up when I think about him. He is just the most amazing husband and father. He wants to hear from me every day...he wants to hear how our day is going good or bad. (although he definitely enjoys the "good day" phone calls more) He works so hard for all of us and NEVER complains. He really appreciates what I do around here and all the time I spend with the kids...and tells me regularly. (This makes it all worth it to me...that he appreciates how challenging and rewarding it is.) He is hilarious and adorable and just perfect with James and Ruby. They are both crazy about him - Ruby just lights up when she sees him. When he gets home from work both of them are so excited to see him and they both want his attention. This is what he does. He picks Ruby up and they chase James around and around our kitchen/living room until they are all giggling. I want to take a movie of this but most of the time I am on the couch watching and doing shots relaxing. Anyways, I love him and will try to mention that more often.

I am so over this blog for tonight. Off to bed! xo

p.s. I didn't actually post all those pictures at Yahoo and am too tired to do so now so I will by tomorrow afternoon.


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