We're fine. Really.

Okay, so I wrote that last post at 8:18am, with a sense that it might be a hard day. By 8:58am I was on the phone with Patrick saying I wanted to poke my eyes out. By that time I was ready to strangle both of my children and had told Ruby to SHUT UP (which she did - I swear she knows what I mean sometimes)! It was pretty tense for a few minutes but we recovered nicely after some desperate prayers were answered. (thank you, Lord) Ruby took a nap (she is still sleeping after waking up for some more milk), James watched Blues Clues and I had some coffee and breakfast. They are both definitely getting colds, and maybe me, too. Now I am going to play Little People with James for a while and put him down for a nap EARLY.

There will be some new rules at bedtime for the boy tonight. The earlier he goes, the better it all goes, and the later he sleeps. Last night he was up in his room awake at 10pm. WHATEVER! Then he gets up at 7:30 and is a total bear. If he takes his nap earlier he will be ready for bed earlier and everything might go smoother. We'll see. I might have to bite the bullet and let him out of his room by 3 if he doesn't fall asleep. He's been napping until 4:30 or 5 the last few days and we just can't have that, either. I may sound like nothing will make me happy but that's not true. We just need to find a happy medium. It may be earlier/shorter naps (or just quiet time aka: locked in room) and earlier bedtime. (I am rambling but James is playing next to me with some never-before-seen toys so I'm taking advantage.)

One of our struggles every night is that James wants me to bring him into his room for bedtime. I have already put Ruby down by this point so Patrick has stepped up and does James. We still all read together but the actual bringing-into-the-room is done by Patrick. Frankly, I am so ready to have a break from him at this point it's all I can do to kiss him. (ha! I sound so mean!) He wails that he wants me and blah blah blah. I feel guilty about not going in there, which can take 10 minutes or so, but I really don't want to. We need to be firm with him and not vary on this. I am going to kiss him goodnight, let Patrick take him in, shut his door, and ignore whatever might happen next. I think if we do this for a few months it will get better. hahaha. Seriously, though. No more bringing him some water or crackers or another kiss. His jig is up.
(Future James Who Can Read: I love you so much, you are perfect in so many ways but I happened to start this blog when you were almost 3. Had I started it when you were 4 months old, like Ruby was, I would have mainly gushed about how I want to chew on you, too, and not told the whole internet how sickening you are lately.) Okay. I'm done with this subject for today. I'll fill you all in later on how it goes.

Ruby looks so cute today in a little red, pink & white striped turtleneck. I put a red shirt on James and wanted to take some possible Christmas pics but since they both have runny noses it might not be the best idea. But I'll still put up some pics of them later...you've got to see her in this shirt!


  1. hey! I can seeyour pictures on the ome computer and comment to you!!!

    Thanks for the reminder of not letting children nap too late. i need to go wake up my son, but I love the quiet!!!

    I hope to have email soon!!



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