Christmas Highlights

We started out the weekend with a spaghetti dinner on Friday night. Ruby doesn't quite have the pinser grasp down but did her best. She always wants to eat what we're having so we oblige her when possible. Later on Patrick asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. I was telling my Dad the next day and he joked about him being a last minute shopper. Uh-uh! That was early for Patrick. :)

On Saturday morning I went to the bookstore for a few hours and it was really relaxing. The place was packed but noone was in the cafe so there was no line for coffee and lots of comfy chairs to choose from. Patrick went out that afternoon to finish (okay, let's be honest, start & finish) his shopping. After we put the kids to bed we watched Akeelah & the Bee (very good in the heartwarming way that you would expect), drank some Very Merry & wrapped presents. Patrick had pretended that he didn't get a movie when he had gotten home that afternoon so it was a nice surprise that he actually had - and one that I had mentioned. (awwwwww)

We started out Christmas Eve morning with a family picture. (note to self: practice with timer)
After that I headed to church in the next town over (glaze over parental spat here...just imagine me yelling at Patrick to GET OFF THE COMPUTER SO I CAN GET DIRECTIONS FOR CHURCH while James watches, filing away that church is stressful! and frustrating!) and became the focus of the pastors' attentions that morning. It was a very small (less than 50 people in a smaller room) church and I was an obvious newcomer. He zeroed in on me (especially during the call to be saved) and I was almost sorry I couldn't fulfill his quota that day. :) It was a nice service, I was so glad to go, but I don't think I'll go back. (Tune in for more church hunting stories, I'm sure.) On the way home I called Patrick and all was forgiven. It was a gorgeous day so we packed up the kids and hit the park. James put up a stink about wearing his jacket but gave in when I let him take a couple pictures. I think he has real talent.

After the park we dropped some gifts off for our friends and headed to Cub for a ham. Ruby was asleep so James and I went in's amazing how easy it is to take just him. Anyways, we joined the throngs of people stocking up because the stores were about to be closed for ONE WHOLE DAY. My gosh, what if we're stuck at home with no jelly?!?! $65.00 later we headed out to the mini and went home. At home the kids had a nap and Patrick and I wrapped our gifts for eachother. When they got up they had a snack and waited patiently for the gift opening.

We said a short prayer and reminded James why we were celebrating. (ha! nice try, parents.) Ruby was barely hanging on but managed to play with her new peek-a-balls for a little while.
James opened his gifts at a nice pace, passing some to Patrick and I when he could. He actually paused and looked at things for at least 30 seconds, which is 30 seconds more than we thought he would. We opened the gifts from family & friends and a few from eachother this night. James didn't get many toys so there wasn't a whole lot of screaming and being thrilled, but there was some. And it was really fun.
(note to self: do whatever it takes (buy more toys, within reason) to get more screaming and being thrilled...we loved that.)

While I was putting Ruby to bed the boys set up James' new Leapfrog TV game system. We then proceeded to read all of his new books, play with his K'nex from Natalie and watch him spiral out of control. Haha, not really, but it did get to be too much for him. We got the milk and cookies ready for Santa (I only want just one, mom)

and he went off to bed with a few cars and played quietly until around 10. I went to bed shortly after and my favorite little elf cleaned the whole house while I slept! Patrick brought Ruby in at around 1:00am because she was up and gassy so I laid with her and she nursed on and off for an hour. After I put her down I went down to find the house spotless and Patrick working on James' kitchen assembly. He gave me his special smile and asked why I hadn't gotten a gift with a few more thousand pieces. hahahaha. Out of guilt, I helped him turn a few screws and we both finally got to bed at around 3:30.
*This post has taken wayyyyyy too long. I will continue with Christmas day highlights later on, hopefully blogger will be faster. I'm sure it's slow because everyone is trying to do the same thing I am. :) xoxo


  1. Happy New Year Gustafsons!!!! Your family is so sweeeeet......

  2. Awwwww - thanks. Same to you guys!


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