Cute Idea

I found this on another blog last week and thought it was adorable.
I have a plain red felt tree skirt and may try to add some buttons sometime.

HAHAHAHAHAHA - yeah, right! I'll get to that right after I organize my photos.

(but it is really cute.)
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  1. That is pretty cute, but way too ambitious for me. Maybe Natalie and I could glue-gun them on. I'll call you from the ER.


  2. OMG, Kate, you are a genius AGAIN. I never thought of using a glue gun!!! Brilliant.

  3. Anything to get out of actual work. Can't you just see the disaster if Natalie wants to help?

  4. Glue guns rock!!
    2 years ago I made a costume for Mason and glue gunned and masking taped the entire thing...of course it weighed at least 15 pounds and was extremely rigid :) But it worked for the moment.

  5. "extremely rigid" that made me crack up!!! :)


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