The Headless Baby

Okay, so Ruby is getting pretty good at falling asleep on her own. Atta girl! BUT, when I went up to get her from her morning nap I looked into her crib to see her little body but no head. Startled me a bit. I peeked over the bumper and there was Ruby, smiling away. I had checked on her after she fell asleep and she was normal. She must have shimmied around while sleeping. (I may reconstruct this later so you can see it firsthand.) This is why she now has a piece of plywood in her crib...sure looks pretty! But, it will keep her in her area. The things we do to get our kids to sleep!

Speaking of which, James isn't napping. He really needs to get down much earlier and that just didn't happen today. So, I'm doing damage control and let him get up so his sister can stay asleep. He is watching his best bud so I can have a few moments down here in my icey cold basement.

I miss my husband. This has been such a busy week I feel like I haven't even seen him. He did help me frost the cake last night, which was fun. He, of course, did it perfectly. Nice concentric circles. I want to put the birthday boy to bed nice & early so we can watch Idlewild. (yeah, right...all the new toys...he'll be up until midnight!) Posted by Picasa


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