I'm dreaming of a white


So, last night I had this dream that James got kidnapped. Patrick and I were sitting in a gas station parking lot with him and he ran off around this little building in the lot. Patrick said to let him go, he was fine but cars were coming around the far side to go into a car wash. A minute goes by and James never came around the other side. We waited another minute, me getting very nervous, and finally got up to go get him. Of course, he wasn't there. We immediately (finally) started checking the cars in the 3 stalls. The first car had a family in it. The woman looked nervous, the kids in the back scared, and the greasy dad in the front was on a cel phone and had bills all over (like financial bills - money trouble - get it?) (I was setting up the motive, see.) I asked if they had seen a little boy. The man just shook his head no, cigarette burning in the corner of his mouth. (all bad guys smoke) Something was wrong here, I just knew it! That pile of jackets on the floor looked suspicious. I yelled James' name and reached my arm through the window (now I'm strech Armstrong) and yanked the jackets! There was my boy! Safe at last.


Now he's up. More later. xo, skg


  1. think this dream is related to the incident the other day when James almost made it out the doors to the parking lot?

  2. oh yeah. I'm pretty sure that's where it came from. Really freaked me out, I guess.

  3. I never knew just how scary motherhood could be. Mason almost put a key into an outlet the other day, while standing right next to me! And yes..we have covers on the outlets, I had just unplugged my hairdryer. I am grateful this happened with me so close.


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