I'm feeling a little fragile today.

And have been for a while! What is up with that?? I think I need to make a few changes in my life (something more for ME, aside from being a mom, and a sitter to have more time with my favorite Patrick) but I also think my hormones must be going crazy or something. And, it's Christmas! And, I just love everyone! I am so blessed by all my friends and family. I got pictures of Cherie's daughter, Jayla, and Janelle's kids, Lily & David, (still waiting, Jolee) (haha)and they just got me all choked up. I can hardly believe that here we are, 15 years later, and we're all moms. I want to scan in some pics from one of our first Christmas' together. Remember it...in our apartment? I think I got Cherie the new Shanice cassette. hahaha.

And then there's my family. Oh jeez, don't get me started. Backyardigans is only on for another 10 minutes.


  1. i only have a second honey. i'm sorry you're still fragile. i love you anyway. maybe you're just emotional thinking about all the people in your life that you are so invested in. it's wonderful, and overwhelming emotionally at times. i love you so much. i'll say a prayer that God will help you have a good cry if you need to, and otherwise just hold you close. He'll do it, too :) bye for now honey. thanks for the blog-ging. xo to everyone.

  2. HA!!

    the picture will be there on Sat!! Some things never change!

  3. tee hee - can't wait to see it!


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