Is it Friday yet?

First, a little photo cuteness for the grandmother. Well, today is an interesting day. For some reason I just feel like crying - but over both good and blechy things. I think I am really freaking tired. Here's a list of what's on my mind. Maybe if I get it all of my chest I can focus on the good stuff, because I can feel it in there, just under the surface.

Patrick can't take this Thursday & Friday off. boo.
He will probably be able to take next Wed & Thurs off. Yay!
We delivered our fudge to the library and they were thrilled. Yay!
When I made an additional lap around our block James yelled so loud the neighborhood dogs started barking. boo.
This stupid blog won't let me make a bulletted list. boo.
I don't know how to spell bulletted. boo.
Ruby is sleeping peacefully. Yay!
James is still thumping around upstairs. Boo.
I get to go somewhere tonight. Yay!
James does not have strep! Yay!
James took unncecesasary antibiotics. Boo.
I am too lazy to use spellcheck. boo. (but who cares, really?)
Patrick is removing the children from the house on Saturday so I can wrap gifts. Yay!
I forgot to call my Grandma on her birthday. boo.

Allright, I'm sick of this. I'm going to end this post and write about something fun like Christmas cookies. xo

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  1. poor need your mama, don't you???? I'm sorry that you're sad honey, but I can assure you of this, you MUST cry when you're sad or else you'll just stay sad. I am sorry though. Maybe we can actually talk one of these days......I have been sick all week, coughing so hard that my abdominals hurt, and wishing I had a pot of poison or something to put me out of my misery. Well, nevermind, I'll live I guess. I hope your little nap helped. I could comment on all these blogs lately honey, they're so much fun to read. I have to go for now, but I love you.

  2. Oh, thanks Mom. sob. hiccup.

    We will talk more soon. xoxo


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