Look at us, so young and innocent...

Well, except for Jolee, because she's knocked up. HAHAHAHA! (kidding, of course) I just found this from October of 2002. She is pregnant with Mason, her first son. I can't believe that little buddy is in her tummy!

Jolee, her husband Craig, and Mason just got back from a few days in a cabin up North. It sounds like they had a wonderful time and I'm so glad.
Merry Christmas, Jolee-Boy! xoxoxo


  1. AAHHH Jolee-Boy.. I haven't hear that in YEARS!!
    Can't believe my little monkey was in there either 4 years ago!!!

    Remind me NOT to cut my hair short when I am pregnant...not a good thing. my face is as round as my stomach!! :)

    It is wierd to see our home without toys and colored pictures everywhere!! That is a whole 'nother world!!

  2. whatever - you looked great!! :)

    I know what you mean about the house being soooo different now.


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