Morning Recap

So, the muffins were made. James was a very good helper and had a lot of fun. He's eaten almost half of them already. Here is what I am left with:

We also tried a new recipe for no bake brownies. Not "no bake" as in you don't have to bake them, but "no bake" as in, "No. I will not bake. Even if you leave me in the oven for 60 minutes at 350 and another 60 with it turned off as you go for a walk."

I was tired of waiting around for the bastards brownies to set up so I decided we needed to get out for a while. I quickly (30 minutes) got us ready and loaded the kidlets into the stroller. It is a bright, sunny & fairly warm day. Little did I know there were 40 mph winds out of the West. Ruby hunched over and was okay with it, James hid behind his sunshade and ate his precious muffins and I pushed on, thankful for the exercise and silence. When I rolled them back into the garage James said, "That was fun mom. Except for the wind." hahahahahaha.

After our walk it was time for lunch muffins. Ruby had carrots for the first time and really liked them. (They are all over me as I type this. Eh. Who cares? I'm just a stay at home mom!) Now she is sleeping and James is up to something in his room. After I laid her down (she is getting soooooooo good at this crib thing) I checked on James. Everything was stripped off his bed and he was lugging this big Earth pillow from Grandma Moan up onto it. I asked him if he needed any help.
J: No, everything is all control. ...thinking, thinking... Everything is ready fine.
S: Everything is under control?
J: Yeah.
S: Okay, have a good nap.

(cue hysterical laughter)

Maybe he'll nap, maybe he won't. Tune in later!


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