One Year Later

We got a few inches of snow last Thursday night. (Thankfully missing the foot Chicago got!) Friday morning I wanted to shovel the walk before my Dad got here. Last year James HATED all winter gear and refused to wear boots, mittens or his warm jacket. Made for a long season. Not expecting much, I told him that I was going to go out and shovel and he could watch tv. NO WAY, MOM. I told him the 4 things necessary to shovel and he agreed. I couldn't believe it when he put his new boots on and held out his little hands for the mittens. We had so much fun! I shoveled a path through the snow on the driveway and we ran around it and played with one of his little cars. It was a beautiful day and a good way to spend Ruby's naptime. I hope this new trend continues.

Oh yes, I am sure the promise of hot chocolate had something to do with it, too.

One year ago:


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