This is a picture of my mom's Christmas tree from 5 years ago. Those are all vintage ornaments on there and I think we knocked off and broke 5 or 6 of them that year. AHAHHAHA...sorry mom. (she did put it right by where you put on and take off your jacket. duh.) hahahha.

As a special gift from God, James fell asleep. Instead of blogging about cookies I'm going to go up and take a nap. xo Posted by Picasa


  1. no, don't you remember????You and I were decorating it and dropped and broke about three or four in a row, so I made us stop decorating. We were horrified that they were breaking, but couldn't stop laughing or dropping them, either :)
    Believe me, you'll never get within five feet of that tree when I'm decorating it....

  2. oh, hahahaha. I forgot about that! Am I crazy remembering someone hitting them with their jacket, too? It's very possible. (me being crazy, I mean.)


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