Strange Things My Husband Does That Actually End Up Working

Part One in a 14,000,000 Part Series

I let Ruby cry for a half hour yesterday and it was soooo hard. I then picked her up, held her tight for 5 minutes and she fell asleep for 2 hours. James would not let us comfort him so we felt okay letting him cry, it was like he needed to or something, with Ruby it's different. So, I fed her last night and laid her down when she was almost asleep. A few minutes later she was fussing and Patrick went in to rock her. Later in the evening he informed me that she was in her snowsuit. sigh. He thought she seemed cold. I wondered if he also had her strung up in a complex web of fishing line hovering centimeters above her mattress but I thought it best not to ask. (she was asleep, after all.) I woke up at 4:00am and ran in to check on her. Fast asleep in her little pink fleece...I was worried about if she rolled over - would the hood smother her? Nope. Patrick had tucked it all up in a safe little bundle - just like she was. She finally woke up at 5:00, after a 9 hour stretch, ate, and is back to sleep now. I don't want to rock her to sleep every time but one step at a time, right? She is out of her carseat like a normal child. She's just wearing her snowsuit, that's all.


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