• It only took Ruby 20 minutes to fall asleep tonight.
  • The cashier (young punk) rang up my $2 coupons as $4 coupons at Target this afternoon. I pointed out his error but he let it go through as is. (Nice for me, not so much for Target.)
  • I love having a printer/copier in one. I made our Christmas return address labels and they turned out v. cute. I also can just copy the recipes I want out of library magazines instead of writing them all out.
  • I love the library! This book:

will be coming in for me tomorrow. Books are in the library system online before the library actually gets them in. So, when I look ahead I can reserve books that aren't even out yet and normally get them very quickly. Love it! I also love this author. Her books are set in Savannah (LOVE Savannah) and are fun to read. Check her out!

  • James didn't nap today. That darn truck had him very wound up. (The thing plays rock music and flashes the headlights. Him & Ruby both think it's the. best. thing. ever.) He talked non-stop the whole trip through Target and the whole way home. I was white knuckling the shopping cart so I wouldn't strangle him. Just nonsense talk, blabbering about nothing, trying to get to me. Patrick, bless his heart, took over when he got home. I got Ruby to bed and he is doing everything with James so I can be done with him. Thank God for him. Truly.
  • I had found a pair of Old Navy cords at the thrift store on Saturday but they had a ripped out belt loop. (that I didn't see until I got home.) I sewed them myself today! Yay! It doesn't look the best from the inside but from the outside you'd never notice. They were $5. I found another pair of cute dark denim jeans at WalMart also for $5 on Saturday. Score! It's so hard to find pants and I got 2 pair for $10 in one day. Nice.
  • I put a lot of pictures up over on Yahoo. Check them out.
  • Did you know Starbucks has kid size hot chocolates for $1.05? They come in a mini Starbucks cup and they make them lukewarm. And, they have soy milk so James can have one! There is something very precious to me about seeing him drinking out of a Starbucks cup. It's rather sad, really. I keep meaning to check if they'll make me a mini vanilla soy latte.


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