What am I doing?

It's 6am, people! Geez. Ruby got up at 5 to eat and I just thought I'd run down here and see if any of our friends had replied about today's activities. And here I am, an hour later. The internet can sure suck up your time. I'm sure I'll be tired later but this has been pretty nice, actually. Had I known I would be down here so long I would have made coffee. I think I'll sneak upstairs and make some. Rubles is laying in her crib like a normal child right now. She is getting sick of her carseat (thank God) but is getting her limbs stuck in the crib slats when she rolls around like a wildcat. We are going to borrow a bumper from a friend until she gets this whole unswaddled-in-the-crib thing down.

I posted a bunch of new pictures over at Yahoo last night. There are some things I want to write about...hopefully I'll get some time this afternoon. Until then, have a happy Monday!


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