Thursday, November 30, 2006

Signing off for the day...

with this tasty little morsel. xo

Obligatory Post RE: How Sweet Patrick Is

He got James all set up in front of Blue's Clues this morning so I could sleep in a while. Kind of odd to wake up and have James downstairs in front of the TV alone. But definitely nice.

(And, no Mother, he couldn't have burned the house down.)


So, I did get some Christmas decorating done yesterday. Yay! It was really fun. I'm not sure how I accomplished it, it's all a blur, but it wasn't a bad day at all. I love how Christmas lights make everything so cozy in the evening hours.

Walmart Love

So. Thanks, Mom. Good job, Bob!

Not much has changed in the time since I've last blogged. EXCEPT! Our baby girl has no food allergies! Yay!!! Thank God! That was excellent news. Everything else is still the same. Case in point: James went down for his nap at 1:00pm. At 1:40 I hear knocking. I opened his door and he's standing there with a pair of zip fly khakis on backwards and holding up a short sleeved t shirt for help. He had also pooped. I got him changed and in some sweats and tried to gently lay him down. He kept promising bodily harm so I made a quick exit coming this close to slamming his fingers in the door. He's asleep now. I think.

I really love the Walmart photo center. You can order all sorts of cool stuff with your face all over it. Like these:

Who wouldn't want to receive a gift with one of those tags???

(I am so cracking up right you, seester!)


I am back! I've forgotten how to do this whole "blogging" thing. And Blogger is acting odd so I am trying but not sure what I'll get out to you all 3 today. xo Posted by Picasa

Escape from Belcatraz

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I am on a blogging hiatus until my mother does something she promised to do. I have oodles of cute pictures and exciting news but all of it will go un-blogged until she gets her rear in gear.

Sorry! It's hurting me, too! My one creative outlet yanked away!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I finally got a few pics up on Yahoo. One of them is this one of Ruby & Patrick. I LOVE it because how often do I get a picture of Patrick really smiling? Almost NEVER. I was very sly and snapped when he wasn't prepared. Mission accomplished.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend Update

We had a lovely weekend. Here are some highlights.

1. I went to Dig & Save all by myself on Saturday. I didn't find a whole lot but did get a couple toys for Ruby & James and a Tommy Hilfiger dress to try and sell. I was there quite a while and really enjoyed myself. They had about 5 of the old little people buildings but they were all priced between $5-$30. It was fun to just look at them again.

2. James & Ruby went to bed early all weekend so Patrick and I had some blissful time together. We are sooooo looking forward to next weekend when Grandma will be here to watch them in the evening. We are planning on seeing both the new Bond flick and Bobby.

3. At bedtime Friday night: (he has called us "Mom" and "Dad" all weekend)

J: Mom, will you please touch my body?

S: (thinking, thinking...) Oh! You mean rub your back?

J: Yes, please.

4. I tried to take some potential Christmas card pictures Saturday morning. A lot harder with 2, that's all I'll say. I did get some cute ones but not quite to the cuteness level I was hoping for. Here's a sample. (more outtakes at yahoo)

5. We just hung out here most of the day on Sunday letting the children have their naps, etc. When they were both up at about 3 we headed to Caribou Coffee. It's typically pretty quiet at the location we go to and they have some toys for James to play with. They have these adorable mini coffee mug ornaments that I just love. I also love their napkins. Very clever. (They also have the ones that say, "A day without coffee is like a day without coffee." Ha! So true!)

I put some more pictures up on my Yahoo page.

6. James to Ruby in the minivan today, "Wuby, you are a very useful engine."

7. We ate our planned dinner of pork tenderloin and mashed potatos for lunch so tonight there were slim pickings. I decided to try this new recipe I had for a cornbread chili bake. It was very easy and sounded good...chili with cornbread baked on top! I went up to put Ruby to bed right when Patrick and James started eating. When I came down Patrick looked kind of grim. I asked how it was and he said fine. So not true. I took my first bite and was shocked at the absolute lack of flavor. I said as much to Patrick and this is where the fun began.

P: Good work, Bunny. It must be pretty hard to get all the flavors to exactly cancel each other out.
P: Well, there was a little hint of bean.
S: Snort!
S: It's Cornbread Surprise. Surprise! (guffaw) It has no flavor.
I put it all down the disposal and fixed myself a plate of leftover lunch. I asked Patrick if he wanted a bite.
P: Nope. (patting his belly) I got a full belly. Full of nothin'.

He said this ranked right up there with the flavorless Saltines & Hair hotdish I made when we were first married.

8. Well, my auctions ended Sunday night and I have to say I was THRILLED! I spent $3 for the 5 items that sold for $105 total. After Ebay fees I will have cleared about $97...pretty nice right before Christmas. I love to make a little money every once in a while. It's alot more fun to spend money I made myself for some reason. The big surprise of the group was the pop up book from 1978. It must have been the winner's favorite one as a child or something. So glad I could help! :) Now I'm even more excited to go Christmas shopping next Friday with my mom!

9. I have been eating this tasty & healthy snack of walnuts and craisins lately. Tonight I got the idea to coat a handful in almond bark. Oh. My. Gosh. Healthy goes out the window but it was sooooo tasty. Here's a pic:

10. I noticed the other day how I rarely write anything about Patrick. This startled me because he still is the favorite part of most of my days. I guess James & Ruby are the most consuming part so that is what my focus is here. I get a little choked up when I think about him. He is just the most amazing husband and father. He wants to hear from me every day...he wants to hear how our day is going good or bad. (although he definitely enjoys the "good day" phone calls more) He works so hard for all of us and NEVER complains. He really appreciates what I do around here and all the time I spend with the kids...and tells me regularly. (This makes it all worth it to me...that he appreciates how challenging and rewarding it is.) He is hilarious and adorable and just perfect with James and Ruby. They are both crazy about him - Ruby just lights up when she sees him. When he gets home from work both of them are so excited to see him and they both want his attention. This is what he does. He picks Ruby up and they chase James around and around our kitchen/living room until they are all giggling. I want to take a movie of this but most of the time I am on the couch watching and doing shots relaxing. Anyways, I love him and will try to mention that more often.

I am so over this blog for tonight. Off to bed! xo

p.s. I didn't actually post all those pictures at Yahoo and am too tired to do so now so I will by tomorrow afternoon.

Friday, November 17, 2006

just grateful.

Friday turned out to be pretty nice. James went to sleep with no fight at 12:30:

and Ruby woke up at the same time

so I had some time alone with her.
Now they are both sleeping and I got all of this:

put away. That is one week's worth of laundry. I like to have it put away on Friday so I can start the weekend without it. After they got up we went to the thrift store just to get out for a while. I didn't find anything. On the way home it was dark so we drove through the Holiday in Lights at Olin Park. They both loved it and I'm sure we'll visit there a few more times before the end of December.

I was just so thankful that this day ended 100% better than it started. I am always amazed at the blessings I receive. xo

We're fine. Really.

Okay, so I wrote that last post at 8:18am, with a sense that it might be a hard day. By 8:58am I was on the phone with Patrick saying I wanted to poke my eyes out. By that time I was ready to strangle both of my children and had told Ruby to SHUT UP (which she did - I swear she knows what I mean sometimes)! It was pretty tense for a few minutes but we recovered nicely after some desperate prayers were answered. (thank you, Lord) Ruby took a nap (she is still sleeping after waking up for some more milk), James watched Blues Clues and I had some coffee and breakfast. They are both definitely getting colds, and maybe me, too. Now I am going to play Little People with James for a while and put him down for a nap EARLY.

There will be some new rules at bedtime for the boy tonight. The earlier he goes, the better it all goes, and the later he sleeps. Last night he was up in his room awake at 10pm. WHATEVER! Then he gets up at 7:30 and is a total bear. If he takes his nap earlier he will be ready for bed earlier and everything might go smoother. We'll see. I might have to bite the bullet and let him out of his room by 3 if he doesn't fall asleep. He's been napping until 4:30 or 5 the last few days and we just can't have that, either. I may sound like nothing will make me happy but that's not true. We just need to find a happy medium. It may be earlier/shorter naps (or just quiet time aka: locked in room) and earlier bedtime. (I am rambling but James is playing next to me with some never-before-seen toys so I'm taking advantage.)

One of our struggles every night is that James wants me to bring him into his room for bedtime. I have already put Ruby down by this point so Patrick has stepped up and does James. We still all read together but the actual bringing-into-the-room is done by Patrick. Frankly, I am so ready to have a break from him at this point it's all I can do to kiss him. (ha! I sound so mean!) He wails that he wants me and blah blah blah. I feel guilty about not going in there, which can take 10 minutes or so, but I really don't want to. We need to be firm with him and not vary on this. I am going to kiss him goodnight, let Patrick take him in, shut his door, and ignore whatever might happen next. I think if we do this for a few months it will get better. hahaha. Seriously, though. No more bringing him some water or crackers or another kiss. His jig is up.
(Future James Who Can Read: I love you so much, you are perfect in so many ways but I happened to start this blog when you were almost 3. Had I started it when you were 4 months old, like Ruby was, I would have mainly gushed about how I want to chew on you, too, and not told the whole internet how sickening you are lately.) Okay. I'm done with this subject for today. I'll fill you all in later on how it goes.

Ruby looks so cute today in a little red, pink & white striped turtleneck. I put a red shirt on James and wanted to take some possible Christmas pics but since they both have runny noses it might not be the best idea. But I'll still put up some pics of them've got to see her in this shirt!


Thank God it's almost the weekend. I woke up this morning tired of being the mom. We've had a really good week with lots of fun stuff going on but I'm ready for it to be over. :) There is a playgroup today but, frankly, I am sick of chatting. Both of my kids are sneezing, too. nice. I think we're going to go to the thrift store and Cub. I still need to make Rachel a casserole so I need some supplies.

That's all. Exciting, eh? xo

p.s. I really love that coffee cup picture below. Must go make some.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Simple Indulgence

There is something special

about a fresh cup of coffee

in the afternoon.

Oh, these are funny.

This site has onesies available with these sayings. I may have to steal their idea. Now that I have a PRINTER! Mwah ha ha!

Cheesebob Squarepants & Tool Whip

J: Why Cheese not like his house?
S: Whaaaaa? What do you mean? Cheese lives in the refridgerator. It likes it.
J: No CHEESE lives in the water and not likes his house.
S: OHHHHHH! Cheese! hahahahhaha. He is Spongebob.
J: He is yellow. He has holes. He is not cheese? He is a ponge?

S: Did you poop?
J: It feels like poop.
S: It smells like poop.
J: (looking into my eyes very seriously) It is poop.

J: May I please have some tool whip on my pie?

I love this dress...

and the tights.

I put a few more pictures from today up at my Yahoo photos page.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shake it like a polaroid picture...

Ruby talking this morning

James dancing this morning...

Geez, 6 months already.

Our little bubles is 6 months old today. sob.

We have had a fun day so far. I have such better days when I wake up to a picked up house and have a few minutes to myself. Sometimes I am too tired at night to get it all in order, and so is Patrick, but when we can it makes a huge difference for me. Anyways. Onto the children. I know that's why you're all here.

Ruby was been a bit fussy this morning. I think she is sad to be growing up so quickly. Or else it's teeth. We met Kate & Natalie at the mall this morning and she didn't nap at all in the car on the way there. She hung in there at the mall until around 12:30...amazing! She had been up since 7:30. I hope she doesn't plan on making this a habit. As a special birthday treat I let her chew on my phone:

James & Natalie had a great time at the mall. First, they played dress up:

Then they laid under a table while Kate & I wept.

Ha ha, not really. We didn't weep until our grand scheme to put them both in our double stroller with candy canes so we could look through the GAP in peace backfired. Natalie easily got out of the stroller and James asked me to hold my hand out so he could spit his candy cane into it. (true story)

I am super tired right now so I'm going to post my new videos and go rest for 5 minutes until one of them arises. xo

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I wish I had some candy.

I haven't actually written anything for so long. I had all these cute ideas but they'll have to wait. I'm just going to ramble for a while.

1. I love how James says "we guys." As in, "We guys all gonna go up and read?"

2. I had such a lovely day with Ruby on Saturday. She was a happy girl and it was really fun to hang out with her. Like I told my mom - I don't want another baby. I still only want Ruby. I need to focus (chew) on her for a while longer. My friend Heidi was here today...her daughter is now 15 months old and Heidi says she's ready for a baby. Piper is a brut, she says. haha. I'm not there yet.

3. James bit Brooke really hard today. She had a clear imprint of his ring of teeth on her forearm. I put him in his room immediately...I felt awful. He hasn't bit in MONTHS. When I went up to get him, he told me how it went down. Brooke would not relinquish the binoculars. Well, she deserved it then, I said. JUST KIDDING. I told him how Brooke was hurt and felt really sad. He looked up and me and said, "Brooke is very hurt?" and I could see he felt remorse. Thank God. I don't think he's a serial killer. He apologized and Brooke said, " it's allright" and then gave him the treasured binoculars. Rebecca & I nodded happily and went back upstairs to our coffee. It's nice that they play downstairs alone for the most part now. I think James' biting was the only major problem today. When we (the moms) are not all there they can work almost everything out on their own. It's probably not the way we would do it but that's okay. They're 3 and it's good to see them learning to play together.

4. I have quite a few auctions up this week. Click over on the right to see them. The vintage sweater is particularly lovely. I hope it sells.

5. We now have a printer and I am thrilled! I printed out and used 5.00 worth of coupons the other day. I am keeping track to show Patrick that this $50 printer was a wise investment. :) I am also having fun printing out lists from REAL SIMPLE and coloring pages & crap for James.

6. Last night at Cub James said MOMMY around 400 or 500 times. He says it quickly, one right after the other like, "mommymommymommymommy" until I hit him. Then he says it while he's crying. HA! I offered him to the people in line behind me but they wanted Ruby instead. Join the club, I says. HAHAHAHAHAHAHa.

I'm feeling a little punchy so I'm going to go lay down. xo

p.s. The post title is not clever. You didn't miss any tie-in story.
I just wish I had some candy.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

This killed me.

"Frito-Lay Angrily Introduces Line Of Healthy Snacks"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You can see the Onion article here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Our Day So Far

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I was up ALONE this morning. I had almost an hour to myself to clean up the kitchen, check my email, make coffee and start a load of laundry. That is bliss to me these days. Ruby got up around 7:30 and James followed shortly before 8:00. I was feeling so refreshed I whipped up a yogurt cone with bananas for breakfast. He loved it and had 2.

It happens to be another, and probably the last, gorgeous day. Ruby took a long morning nap so I wanted to leave for a walk as soon as she was up. James decided he HAD to wear his fish swim trunks. At first, I said no. It is too chilly, blah, blah, blah. Then I realized, as he was screaming in his room, that this wasn't a battle I wanted to choose. If he wore the shorts and got cold that would teach him something. Interestingly enough, he agreed to wear a turtleneck & sweatshirt with them. Here are the results:

The word on the street has been that there is a new playground a block away. We decided to investigate and were thrilled to find this:

It is a really nice one with lots of features I haven't seen before. Surprising since I am such a playground connoisseur. James & I thought it was great but Ruby started screaming before too long. See if you can spot a possible reason why in this picture:

Just looking at that bent over ear gives me the shivers. Sorry girl. I fixed her hat and brought her over to join us. She gave it a little lick and decided it was pretty cool.

Before you jump all over me for letting my daughter lick playground equipment's only a week old! How many germs can there be??? (we'll find out) After a little picnic we headed home, not without some more wailing from Ruby when she decided she wanted to nurse IMMEDIATELY! (sorry folks, no photo) Ha ha. Actually, I let her cry for the half block home. She ate and went down for another nap and I informed James it was his time as well. This is the look I got:

For different reasons, looking at this picture also gives me the shivers. I fear I might see it a lot in the years to come.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just James

Sometimes he wants me to be Pirate Mama or Puppy Mama and I will then call him Pirate James. He always says, "No. I'm just James."

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*eta: It is about 65 here today and we were at the playground all morning. You can see a few more photos here. James had an "aha" moment when he really looked at his box of raisins for the first time. "Hey! That's the lady that sells grapes!" (The Sunmaid lady has a commercial that airs on Nick Jr.)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All I want for Christmas

is nothing! I love how everyone in our family is so excited for this Christmas and it's not because of the presents. I think we all like the idea of being in a cozy house in the middle of winter with some games, some good food & drink and eachother.

I am really missing you all, my 4 only favorite readers, today. xoxo

p.s. I wrote this yesterday. I'm not missing you quite as much as yesterday but still am. hahaha

This is yummy...

you should try it.

Ruby's Tuesday

3:02pm - 5 minutes earlier she was on the play mat with the hammer

3:10pm - spotted some cars and went to investigate

3:11pm - very determined to reach said cars

3:15pm - victory is mine...onto bigger and better things

3:22pm - drat! dead end.
3:30pm - sleeping
3:40pm - mom putting on the internet for anyone to see

Friday, November 03, 2006

I can't believe I didn't think of this yesterday.

Happy Belated Birthday Mom & Thomas!!

This stuff is pretty good...

We all enjoyed it. It's kind of chewy and has a good amount of fiber. Sodium is high but I might try using only half of the spices next time.

My morning so far...

I just finished prepping this 5 hour Beef stew so I can put it in the oven this afternoon and supper will be ready. TA DA! I thought you wanted this recipe, Mom, but I'm not sure if you ever got it. Here it is. Ruby is napping and James is safely tucked away in front of the television. (I have no TV guilt today because he's barely watched this week!)

I had made this bread to bring to playgroup today but playgroup got cancelled. Now we have too much yummy bread on hand. I must freeze some soon or I will eat it all. I changed the recipe a little using 1/2 cup applesauce in place of the egg, 2t Lemon Extract in place of the orange zest and blueberries in place of the cranberries. I have made it with the cranberries and it's very good but the cranberries I have here seem extra tart for some reason. Not good for a group of 3 year olds. (my intended audience) Posted by Picasa


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