Oh man, I am cracking up. I've been receiving these emails all week from unfamiliar names with the subject "Girls Night." I've been deleting them and marking them as SPAM because I thought they were porn spam or something. Finally tonight I opened one because they just WOULD NOT stop showing up in my inbox. THEY ARE FROM THE WOMEN IN MY SMALL GROUP AT CHURCH. HAHAHAHAHAHAHa! They are planning a "girls night" this week and invited me and were all emailing back and forth about who could bring the lettuce salad and soda. hahahahhahahahahahahahaha. I am so dumb sometimes. I emailed them back telling them what happened - let's see if any of them have the same sense of humor that I do. Tune in...

UPDATE 9:22AM: Um, nope. Haven't heard from any of them. Tomorrow might be awkward. :)


  1. Noone ever mentioned this. But everyone was really nice last Thursday. I think my flock thinks I'm the old wierd one.



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