He actually did this.

Okay, it didn't get to this point, but Patrick actually put Dawn in our dishwasher. sigh. My husband*, the brilliant engineer! :) He kept stopping it and scooping out bubbles so it never overflowed but then we had to leave so he couldn't finish. So now I am left with a bubbly dishwasher but I think I found a solution here at wikiHow. What an amazing site, inspired by Wikipedia. I'm off to find my vinegar, I'll let you know if it works.

*I should mention Patrick also said the sweetest words to me yesterday..."How about we make Sunday morning cleaning morning?" I love this man. (I also love church on Sunday afternoon but more about that later.)

eta: I know I have poor sentence structure sometimes but that's too bad I am usually in a hurry and just want to get something down while I am here by myself. K? :)


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