here she comes...

Ruby is doing so much better with her crawling (currently working on climbing, pulling up) and seems to have passed the separation anxiety a bit. I think she just must be used to the fact that she can independently move - it's not freaking her out as much. I've heard James mention Ruby "playing with me" a couple times, I think he likes her new mobility, too. We like to look at eachother and laugh when she gets into silly situations or ends up stuck somewhere. One of the downsides, for me - not the house, is that I have to keep the floors cleaner because she tends to graze as she's crawling. I'm noticing these periods that I was waiting for - when they are both off doing their own thing or playing together - bliss!

I've been meaning to write about Ruby's body language for a while. She tells me so clearly what she wants a lot of the time but certain things stand out. After she's done nursing on one side she'll pop off and throw her body over to the other side if she wants more. If not, she sits up and leans towards the floor. At bedtime, after she's finished eating, I'll hold her up for a burp/snuggle. When she's had enough she leans her whole body towards her crib. There have been a number of times when she's heard Patrick's voice and let me know that she wants to go down and see him a bit more before bedtime. (he gets home pretty close to her bedtime so they only get a little while together) After a few minutes she'll start rubbing her eyes, he'll bring her up, and she'll go down without a peep. I love that we can understand her so much already and really want to learn more signs so I can start telling her all about what she's eating, etc.

I have to say that James and I have been in a really good place for a while now. (a while being a week or so) It's not that he's never naughty but I am just dealing with him more calmly and he is responding more calmly, in turn. I am someone who really appreciates a routine in my life - some "sameness" from day to day. It's a struggle for me, with kids, because things can change so suddenly and I resist that. I'm learning to appreciate the easier times while they are happening because who knows what tomorrow will bring. :)

Or even 5 minutes from I'm sitting here re-reading what I've written I hear James upstairs. Knocking on his door. "Mommy, I need you. I don't want anymore quiet time. Ding dong." I'll give you ding dong, kid.

I have so much more I want to write about but I think I should go finish reading Real Simple in the limited minutes I have left. xo
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