He's Famous!

Patrick and I just finished watching my Dad's amazing Amphicar auction at Barrett-Jackson last January. The Speed Channel had a special show all about the auction and featured an interview with MY very own DAD. It was a good show and so fun to see him on TV again...with an actual interview this time. We watched the live auction last year, of course, but they only showed fast clips of him. (You can see the auction results page here - it was the high seller for that day.) Here is an interview with a guy on YouTube who is discussing Amphis and how their price has drastically gone up in the "last 60 days" thanks to my Dad's hard work.


  1. i'm not famous.......sniff, sniff. i'm just old dramma sue moan.......i never re-built a car. he's just doing that to make me lok bad...... :)


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