I love blogs.

There are a few blogs that I like to check on and read every day. I've never set up one of those "blogrolls" on my sidebar, maybe I should. Part of why I haven't, I think, is because a lot of the blogs are written by women very different than me. They are strong AP parents who co-sleep and wear their babies all the time. They eat organic and try not to buy anything new. If I post a link to their blog then they'll come and read my blog. The horror! I b*tch about my kids and let Ruby cry for 20 minutes so she'd get used to her crib. James watches TV and has had McDonald's fries. I take them to TARGET for playgroup. What will they think?? Today I'm thinking, "Who cares?" I am pretty happy with the way Patrick and I parent. I love reading about how other people handle parenting and am excited when I learn new things. Maybe they feel the same way! Different does not equal bad, right? Can I really be insecure even on the internet? Haha, guess so.
Partially this comes from all the standards I set for myself before I had James. I was going to cloth diaper, breastfeed, make his babyfood, use elimination communication and not let him watch tv. Then I had him. Ha! Actually, as I type this list, I realize I did pretty well. He didn't watch tv until he was 2 (not for lack of trying on my part), I made all of his babyfood for a long time and breastfed him until he was 1.5 and decided to quit on his own. We tried the cloth diapers but he got the diaper rash from hell and I couldn't seem to keep him dry. With Ruby, I mainly wanted us all to survive. And we have, quite nicely. Now my standards list as follows: I want to be kind to my children, to have fun with them, to introduce them to God, and to stay close to my husband. I want to have time to myself, time alone with Patrick and time for all of us to have fun together. I want to make some new friends, find a church, and exercise. I want to appreciate our blessings and be wise with our money. This is turning into a resolution post, I think. :)
I am getting cold so I have to wrap this up. I am going to post a list of the blogs I like to check on daily. These women have some quality that I admire, whether it be lifestyle choices, parenting ideas, cooking abilities, craftiness or humor. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, I am laughing because we are NOT all just as you think we might be! I strive for many things, but I do not do cloth diapers and my kids had McD's for lunch. We're all REAL! I like how you put it- you're just trying to survive. The rest is just icing on the cake...

  2. Good call - "icing on the cake." :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for the link! I've been checking in here pretty often since you visited my blog a while back. We are all different, but it really isn't about what AP list you follow (not sure how long you've read my blog, but I dropped a blog name with 'AP' in the title a while ago, because I no longer think it's a set of ideals I have to force myself to achieve). We are all awesome mamas (okay, Steph from Adventures in Babywearing is kind of a super-mama, but I digress. hee hee).

    I usually wait a while before adding new blogs to my blogroll, but I liked what I have read here, so I should get you added soon!

  4. I was so nervous to 'put myself out there' a little bit and now I'm so glad I did.

    I love reading your site, mamamilkers, because we are so much in the same boat right now (with 2 little ones). It's so good to know someone is out there going through the same thing...and may have some good ideas on how to deal with whatever the day brings. And provide a laugh or two! :)

  5. thank you so much for linking my site!! it is an honor and I appreciate it so much :)


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