I'm Baaaaack

Wow, it feels like ages since I've posted. We had another 4 day weekend and it was very busy and very fun. Here are some highlights:

Friday: Friday night I got to see Melissa, Angie & Reid! They came to Madison to celebrate Christmas with their Dad and stopped by for a visit. I was so happy to see them! Reid is just about Ruby's age and such a doll. Him & Ruby got to play for a little while but then it was her bedtime. After I put Rubles down we all went to Borders to have coffee and chat. Very nice end to the week.

Saturday: I did my normal bookstore run in the morning, always love that. James had his "quiet time" that afternoon and was so quiet for so long that I was sure he had fallen asleep. Not so. I went in to check and he was intently playing with his Legos. (It is really encouraging to me that he can play by himself when I am removed from the equation!) I was impressed because he had outlined the green board (see pic) with the thin Lego strips and was working on filling in the center when I came in. They are all different sizes so I thought it was really cool that he had worked it all out. (Okay, not that big of a deal but I'm his mom!) :)

Later that afternoon, we met some friends at Madtown Twisters for their open gym. Patrick and Ruby hung out in the mini while she slept...James had a blast bouncing around with Natalie and Caleb.

*all the spots in pictures are from dust particles in the air! (gymnastics chalk)
Afterwards we all went to Cheeseburger in Paradise (table for 11 please, with 5 kids...can you hear them groaning?) for dinner. It was pretty late to be taking them out as James hadn't napped and Ruby's bedtime is so early but it went really well. Kate helped out by holding Ruby for a long time...Ruby really likes her and Natalie. At one point Kate had Ruby and Natalie on her lap and she looked very happy. It was sweet. Natalie LOVES Ruby (the feeling is mutual) and recently told Kate she had a baby growing in her nipple. hahaha! Last week she had one in her tummy and it was due in "3 minutes." hahahhaha.

Sunday: Sunday morning Patrick and I got into our now typical "Sunday Morning Smackdown." (Hahahaha - note to self: DO NOT spring plans on Patrick 30 minutes prior to plans commencing.) After the dust had settled I headed out to Blackhawk Church in Madison to see what it was like. I LOVED IT. They have a casual worship service with a taped version of the 1st service. There is a fun band and really good coffee. Oh yeah, the preaching was great, too. :) Seriously, I loved it and we are all going to go there the next Sunday we're in town. I felt so comfortable there and so thankful to be there. I have been missing church in my life for a long time and it just felt great. After that I did a couple errands and went and got my hair cut and brows waxed. That felt good - it had been too long. I met Patrick and the kids at around 4:00 for Keva's New Years Eve party. Keva is a gym we go to sometimes for Open Gym and they had a big bash with a DJ, bounce houses, snakes, cookie decorating, and all their normal equipment and play stuff out. It was so nice to have a place to go on New Years' Eve just for families. Again, James had a blast running around with his friends and actually tried the bounce houses - and loved them. Ruby was a really good girl and Patrick & I enjoyed it, too. We headed home fairly early and got the kids to bed on time. Happy New Year! (we don't have any pictures because Patrick remembered the camera but I had taken the battery out to charge. bummer.)

Okay, that's all for now because I'm freezing and have to go cook with James. xoxo


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