Man, I'm pooped.

So far today I have browned 2 lbs of ground turkey/hamburger, baked some chicken breasts with our wonderful new thermometer (love it!), boiled pasta for tonights' soup, made homemade granola (not bad but will change a couple things next time), folded and put away 2 loads of clothes, cleaned one filthy kitchen, fed and played with 2 crazy children and blew my nose about 1000 times. That's kind of gross with all the cooking so I should mention: washed my hands about 1003 times. Not a bad day, altogether. I really can't believe it's 3:30 already. Only 2.5 hours until Patrick gets home and I can collapse. :)


  1. poor little mothership......glad to hear you practiced good personal hygiene.....yuk. love the movies, send more tomorrow please :) i had two brats for supper last night (only one bun) and a piece of apple pie w/ice cream............(sue is a peeg) WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!! burp..... have to run, staff meeting this a.m. and the drug reps are bringing coffee and goodies hahahahahahahaha xo, ma

  2. Hi Mom - It was a busy day but felt good to be productive for once. :)



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