My Hero

This morning started out so nicely. Patrick & James got up a bit before me and Patrick set James up with some breakfast and a Blue's episode.

A while later Miss Ruby got up and seemed to be feeling a little better. She is always happy to see James in the morning...she kicks and squeals when we get up from nursing to go downstairs.

At around 9:30 Ruby was ready for a nap. James was prowling around the house looking for trouble so I decided we should go out and play. I made these snow (and sand) scoops that some other kid had at a playground last summer and out we went.
It was a mild morning...a good one for playing in the snow.
I brought the monitor out so we would hear Bubles when she woke up. After a little lesson on snow tasting:

we headed around to the sand (snow) box. I grabbed my keys and locked the front door so noone could sneak in for Ruby. (being we live in such a rough neighborhood and all.) In the back I made a path for James to follow me.

We are so zen. After a while I announced it was time to go in for some hot chocolate. I pull my keys out to open the door and realize that the house key is not on my ring. Crap. But, we have a spare hanging right inside the garage. (note to robbers: Key will be placed elsewhere immediately) Or, we DID have a spare hanging right inside the garage. It was gone. CRAP! I ran next door but Rachel was not home, neither was my neighbor across the street...all of a sudden I heard miss bubles waking up. Oh no. We can see the police station from our house so I threw James in his car seat and drove the 3 blocks down there. The officer followed me back to our house and made a check of all our windows and doors. Sealed up tight! Perfectly safe! With an infant inside. sigh. James was a little bothered that we were locked out but Hey! there was a cop car in the driveway and Ruby was still happily babbling away.

I used Officer Bill's phone to call Patrick. He was all "WHAT?! RUBY'S INSIDE?!" and headed for home. There isn't a locksmith in town and Officer Bill didn't seem to want to try breaking and entering today. After he left, I tried to break in like I had seen Patrick do once. James was very encouraging saying, "You can do it, Mom!" But, alas, I could not.

We headed into the mini to warm up and have some almonds. James shed all of his warm clothes and cuddled up in Ruby's blankets.
She was still fine at this point, about 11:45. Then,

Oh, this killed me. And my breasts. They wanted to offer her liquid comfort IMMEDIATELY but were trapped in the garage with us. They revolted by soaking my shirt, an experience I hadn't had in quite a while. They've still got it, the old girls. But I digress. After hearing Ruby cry, James and I said a little prayer for her. Literally one minute later Patrick pulled in to whisk the door open and save the day! Ruby was upset but very happy to see us, going back and forth between me and Patrick for a few minutes. (she is napping now in her crib so I know she's not scarred for life due to roughly 7 minutes of crying.)

James finally got his hot chocolate and Patrick made us egg sandwiches. I think he liked playing hero. I liked it, too. Thanks, Bunny. xoxoxo


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