my latest AHA moment

(It may not be worthy of Oprah, but it's all mine. )
James & I were putting this little toy chest together the other night and he told me we needed a Phillips screwdriver. (he was right) Patrick brought one up to us and handed it to me saying, "Here's Felipe." AHA! Handy Manny is one of James' favorite tv shows and one of the little screwdrivers on there is named Felipe. GET IT? Phillips, Felipe. Oh my, they are clever.

It reminded me of that one time I was driving past Target and saw this:

and suddenly it hit me...IT'S A FREAKING TARGET!

(I was 21 at the time.)

(I'm not kidding.)


  1. I just got the "Target" thing 2 years ago...and I am not kidding. just a little slow on the uptake.

  2. My Mom never got the Batman symbol until I pointed out the BAT. She always thought it looked like a mouth and that was just dumb for Batman....Really! Kate

  3. hahahahaha - glad I'm not the only clueless, though charming, person out there. hahahahhaha. xoxo


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