Ruby's New Ride

It matches her! We didn't plan that, honest. :) James will get his in about 6 weeks, hopefully it will bring him through a few more years. We've decided to keep him in a 5 point harness for as long as part because of this video. It's very sad but very powerful. We could have got him a Marathon, like Ruby's, but I'm worried he'll get too tall and the Regent goes a few inches taller.

I ordered them both through . They have 10% off baby items over $75 and I found another code online to get an additional 10% off - we got the seats, shipped, for $240 each. That's a really good price. Anyways, I'm happy.

ETA: I shouldn't mention that video so casually. I'm sorry. The parents of a 3 year old boy pieced together that video about their sons' death in an accident. I had it forwarded to me quite a while ago and it's been on my mind ever since. They took Kyle's death and used it to teach so many people about car seat safety. Think of all the deaths they may have prevented. I can't imagine their sorrow and feel so thankful that they shared their story with me...

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  1. good job honey. i can't stop thinking about that little boy, he's just like james.


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