She crawls! She signs! She paints her toenails black!

Well, not really that last part but she is growing up too fast.

Miss Ruby is crawling all over now and it is so cute. She has this "frankencrawl" with stiff little arms...I think I have a movie from our trip...I'll post it when I find it. She also signed "more" twice today! She had done it in the Dells and did it with no prompting this morning.

She got up from her nap and we joined James on the couch. She smiled at him for a minute then looked at me and started slapping her hands together and making her hungry noises. So cute! I assumed she meant milk so I let her nurse. A while later, James went into his chair for a sandwich. I was holding her in front of me and saw her little hands come together again. I put her down in her high chair and she looked up at me with the biggest smile. She ate a whole serving of the pear/blueberries I had made (see! I'm a good mom!) (hahahhahahaha) along with a bunch of Kix.

I will try to get a picture of her doing this but I think it's a gesture only we would understand right now, she's pretty small to do it like the kid in the picture. (show off) hahaha

I looooooved when James signed to me and it helped us so much. His favorites were eat, help, and please. (that's all I can remember right now, anyways)

So. The other thing I am longing to post about is our trip but I don't even know where to start! I will just say I love my family even more, if that's possible. A few of my favorite lines:

Annie to Dad: Go put on your best Ford sweatshirt and come out with us!
Thomas to Patrick: My skeleton rock will open that garage right up.
Me to everyone, everytime I could: Hello, Pot? This is Kettle.

I know there were more but I can't remember right now. More later, peeps. xoxo


  1. how about "pine-y" :)

  2. Oh yes, we are the wine connoisseurs, aren't we? HAHAHA.


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