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My aunt Kristy told me years ago that I should get all clear totes for storage. Patrick told me last year that we should reorganize the totes so they all were stacked with ones similar to them. I wanted them stacked with like items and didn't have time to move stuff from one tote to another so they stayed a mess. Recently, I began longing for clear totes but couldn't justify the money as we bought most of these just 2 years ago. Last week, at my beloved Target, I found some 4 packs of the XXL Ziploc Storage Bags for only $4. I also realized that Patrick was right and it would all feel much neater if they were stacked as he suggested. Voila! I now know that the only stuff I really want in clear totes is the clothing I have bought ahead for the kids and my clothing. These bags are wonderful...they hold more than a tote...and satisfy my need to see what's inside. I'm sure they'll have to be replaced eventually but for now I got all of these for the cost of one tote and that's nothing to sneeze at! (haha - I have a cold.)
An important side effect of reorganizing has been sifting through everything again and throwing/donating so much. I seem to be able to get rid of more every time I look. Nice.

Tune in next week (?) to see me tackle our basement shelves.

Isn't this all so thrilling? Probably not to you, but it is to me. I LOVE having stuff organized and that is so much harder to maintain with small children. For me, having the basement organized again will set the tone for the whole house. It's kind of like they say to not store "stuff" under your bed - having that junk under you will interrupt your peaceful slumber. Having all this junk in the basement has really been bothering me for a while. Here's to a fresh start!

(I know you all think I'm nuts but I'm okay with that.) xoxo


  1. I am excited for you!! Ihave been trying to reorganize the entire home...and I am hoping that by spring, my goal will be accomplished!!! So to see someone else organize something, is very thrilling!!!! I need to go and find those bags!! Thanks for the tips!!1

  2. YOU NEED A BLOG, Jolee! :)

    Happy organizing to you
    Happy organizing to you
    Happy organizing dear Jolee!
    Happy organizing to you!



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