We made it!

James: I will not have fun.
James: I will get sick if I learn about God.
Ruby: bababababa
James: I am not going, Mom. I will not go.
Me: (turn radio up)
James: (louder) I do not like church.
Me: (consider turning around or heading to Target)
James: I don't want to play with other kids. I will hit them and be naughty.
Me: (brightly) We're here, darlings!

This wonderful woman named Patty met us at the door at Blackhawk this morning. I was amazed we even made it after waking at 7:20 for an 8:15 departure and the above mentioned car ride. (Patrick helped me get the kids ready this morning and made sunbutter sandwiches for us all to eat on the way - what a peach he is.) Anyways, I was at Blackhawk for a Titus meeting - a get together for moms. James was crying and yelling and I gladly handed Ruby over to this stranger named Patty. She walked up the stairs with us so I could get James situated and not have to juggle Ruby as well. He actually calmed down almost immediately when we got to his room. He asked if Ruby could stay with him, I said no, he looked dejected but quickly spotted a play toaster oven and off he went. I fetched Ruby and dropped her off in the nursery. She was crying really hard when I left but they told me not to worry and they'd get me if it didn't stop. That was at 9:00am. At 10:00 this woman, Mary Elizabeth, came by and told another mom about her baby. I asked about Ruby and she said she was asleep in the swing and had been for a while. James, on the other hand, had a rough first hour. He was pretty sad and asked to be with Ruby. They said he couldn't stay with her but could go see her - she was asleep in the swing and they said his little chin started quivering when he saw her. (couldn't you just die?) After that, he felt better and was having fun when I got up to him at 11:00. Ruby was also up by then and a really nice girl named Erica had her. Amazing! This was a big undertaking and it went so smoothly. I wonder why?! :) This was a big answer to prayer, that's why. (Thanks Mom!)

Today was a kind of casual "get to know you" day and we just did a little stamping craft project. Not really my cup of tea but it was fun to chat and have coffee. What felt so good this morning was that these women who were running it were so kind. They weren't acting like they were doing me any favors, even though they were! This is their ministry - to help moms out, give us a break. To have someone recognize that what I do is challenging and for them to actually be so happy to help me out...it was just really neat.

I'm happy.


  1. and i'm v. happy for you honey. God is sweet, isn't He? I just wanted to cry when I read about James wanting to be with his seester.......isn't that just so PERFEK!!!!! (james' word) Gotta go.....talk to you soon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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