• Patrick and I have been staying up way too late watching Prison Break. (please note: watching Prison Break with spouse will result in many conjugal visit jokes)
  • We had playgroup here today and it was lots of fun but I am pooped.
  • James & Ruby both did well at church on Sunday. James had a hard time until the teacher's husband stepped in and told him about his tarantula. He (James) told me later that besides tarantulas he also learned that God is Jesus' father and that he's really nice. And that we'll all go to see him later in Heaven. But can he learn more about tarantulas next time?
  • Ruby was up THREE times last night. That is 2x too many, if you ask me. Maybe it's finally a tooth. Or maybe she picked up a deadly virus on that gym floor yesterday.
  • We signed James up for preschool on Sunday. He loved it and we loved it and we're very happy.
  • Did I mention I'm tired? Off to rest a little while.....


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