Faking it...

Our playgroup is having a Valentine's Day party and one of the plans is to let the kids decorate sugar cookies. James can't have regular cut outs because of the egg & butter in them. Last night I had the idea that we could cut out shapes from one of those refrigerated pie crusts, bake them, and decorate those. Those crusts aren't exactly healthy but neither are cookies, right? :) We tried it this morning and it worked really well. He loved cutting out the shapes...he's never done that before. Of course, when I did a search I found a couple recipes for vegan cut out dough. I will save those for a day when I have some time alone with James. For a quick fix, this worked well.


  1. so clever.....but what did you put in the middle of them? ma

  2. some of them had apple pie filling...it oozed out, though.

  3. These look gooooood!! A


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