For the past 2.5 years our weekend breakfasts have usually included some type of pancake. Now, don't get me wrong, I do love me some pancakes but that whole "law of diminishing returns" thing (with pancakes being the input and pleasure being the output) does kick in after a while. I recently found a simple french toast recipe over at the Tasty Vegan blog and was so excited to try it. I have seen others but they normally include some odd ingredient that I don't keep on hand...this one is pretty basic and looked promising.

My mom was here last weekend and wanted to make some standard French Toast on Monday morning. I made the T.V. version after she was done and was so happy with the results! I changed it a little bit, replacing 2T. of flour with 2T. of cornmeal. The cornmeal idea comes from these waffles, which are delicious - you should try them! It adds a nice little bit of crunchy texture to the outside. I used whole wheat flour and, along with the cornmeal, it tended to sink a little bit in the milk. A brief stir before each dunking took care of the problem.

James loved his "new toast" and my mom said she could hardly tell the difference. (They do have a slightly egg-y texture that will please anyone used to standard french toast.) Yay! for adding something new to our breakfast repertoire.


  1. I love that "French toast" recipe, too. Yay! Now I am craving it!


  2. That happens to me all the time...the all food blogs are sooooo dangerous! ;)


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