Ignorance is Bliss/Knowledge is Power

James is becoming familiar with the clock. He can usually tell you what hour it is and is slowly learning the whole before/after concept. We are also using it now to let him know when things will happen, such as, "When the big hand is on the 3, it's time to go upstairs." And so on. Today I told him that his quiet time would be up when the big hand was on the 6. When the big hand was on the 5 all was quiet in his room so I decided to jump in the shower. It was so relaxing...I lit a candle and just stood there under the hot water letting my mind drift. Until the pounding started. I reluctantly turned off the water, jumped out, and got dressed. When I opened James' door he had this look of dismay on his face and was pointing at the clock. The big hand was on the 9. Oh, whoops. "Why didn't you turn it off at the 6, Mom? I was waiting."

Tell me again why we started teaching him to tell time?!


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