laziness: dreams vs reality

After a late night with Kate at B&N, where I found out she has real issues with Curious George - "The monkey - he needs to be punished!", I am really wishing I could lay on the couch all day snoozing and watching TV. With some snacking are reading thrown in for good measure. I would have a Bacon Cheeseburger & Onion Rings from Culvers for lunch with a single scoop of the flavor of the day for dessert - knowing that all that dairy wouldn't bother rubys' stomach one bit. I would watch Dancelife, Top Design and The Real Housewives of Orange County until I felt sick. I would read Plainsong, Real Simple and something else from the pile of 20 library books I have upstairs until I got sleepy. I would check my email, read my favorite blogs, and take a nap. When I got up I would go to Target and have a coffee while I shopped for plain t shirts for my kids for the summer (because they will be gone by the time the warm weather hits, trust me). Then I would meet Patrick for dinner at Chin's and we would come home and watch a movie or play Cribbage. Then we'd go to bed. sigh. Lovely.

But, instead, I will go back upstairs and read James another book while we sit on the couch. Then I will eat some breakfast before Ruby wakes up from her 2+ hour nap. We are having a pretty lazy morning, the 3 of us. Just a different version of lazy.


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