on my mind monday

I have so many little things on my mind this morning...I can't imagine combining them into one coherent post. Here's a list, instead.

  • I had such a good time Friday night with Kate. We met at the mall for the most productive hour of shopping EVER and then headed over to B&N to read, snack and talk. Thanks, Kate, that was really fun and I needed it. The better half of our shopping hour was spent in Gymboree where I got this and this for Ruby. They were having a great sale and I had a coupon and got Gymbucks for next month (obvious ploy - I'll see you there next month, Kate) but it still felt like a splurge. It is so darling, though, and I can't wait to put it on her. I also got James a winter jacket at Children's Place for next year...it's pretty cute and has a nice zip out liner.

  • We got a lot of snow! Yippee! I plan on taking James out this afternoon and will definitely remember our house key.

  • I got our Valentines in the mail today...hopefully they'll get most places on time. I also sent a little something to you, Jolee, so be on the lookout for it. Jolee sent us an awesome book and cd awhile ago and I've been meaning to post about it. We all just love it and Kohl's has it now for only $5...an amazing deal. A great Valentine's Day treat especially because 100% of the profits go to benefit kids!

  • I bought some Raspberry Extract a while ago and was so excited to make this. Unfortunately, mine turned out like this:(It reminds me of something one might see on an operating table after surgery.) sob. But, I brought out the extract again this morning and James & I made a simple drop cookie using that along with the called for vanilla. They are really good. Sadly, I tried to color the dough red and it turned out more of a salmon color. But! they taste good and we will happily bring them to Kate's tomorrow.

  • I joined the small local gym and am feeling pretty happy about it. They roped me in with an advertising scam but the rates are very reasonable and if I work out a specified number of times our insurance will reimburse me $100 for the year. They have some child care hours and are open until 9 a couple night a week. When the teething horror time is over I could even go in the morning, as they open at 5:00am. The owner is super nice and we talked for quite a while last Friday. She encouraged me to come to the local toddler time, too, and said she'd introduce me to some other moms. Her older daughter started out with all the same allergies as James and has outgrown them all, except mild peanut, by age 4. I love hearing those stories...they are so encouraging. I do have a feeling that James will outgrow his someday as well.

  • James is in his room for quiet time. Blogging brought to you in part by the Pack 'n Play.


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