stand in the place where you live

This is all Ruby wants to do. If she can't pull up on you, she has no use for you. (unless you happen to be Patrick) (or a breast) This raises the childproofing bar quite a bit so we are fighting to stay on top of things. (so things don't end up on top of her) (like the tote of legos...but that was yesterday)

James, on the other hand, is very busy telling me how he feels. "I am not happy right now, Mom," "I am not happy at all," "I feel much happier." gag. And, he also chatters endlessly about God, especially while we are in the minivan for some reason. "Goooooood, where are you?" "Why are you up so high?" "Are you there, God, it's me James." (hahaha, that one I made up) "Why doesn't God have a car?"

Man, I love these kids.

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