summer lovin'

After a long snowy weekend I am sure thinking about spring! One of my favorite things about living in the Madison area is that there are so many awesome kid-friendly parks and playgrounds. I wasn't blogging yet last summer but if I had been, nearly every post would have mentioned some trip to one park or another. Ruby was a tiny thing and slept all the time. It was fabulous for James & I. So many times we would leave in the morning and she would just sleep through most of our activities - seriously, almost 3-4 hours, waking up only to eat. I would move her from the car seat to the sling or stroller and she would just snooze away. What a blessing that was! Anyways, I got to thinking about this summer and what I'd like to do as a family. I thought I'd make a list to refer back to over the next couple months, when I'm feeling desperate. :)

Go see a movie at the SkyVue drive in in Monroe (local)
Go to Milwaukee for the Zoo & the Public Market (day trip)
Go to the Dells for a Duck Ride and a smaller water park (day trip)
Go to Little Amerricka (day trip)
Go to Minneapolis to see family, go to Como Park Zoo & Mall of America (longer trip)
Camp in backyard (local) (ha!)
Devil's Lake (day trip) (multiple visits, I'm sure)
Dane County Fair (local) (LOVE the fair!)
Head up to Duluth to see family, spend time at Canal Park (longer trip)
And then there's all my favorite regular haunts:
Olbrich Gardens
Farmers' Market
Monona Terrace Rooftop
Memorial Union Terrace
State St

What are your favorite summertime activities? :)


  1. Oh, these are bringing me back! I love the Farmer's Market on the square. It's HUGE!

    Last summer I meant to do alot, but didn't. Spent two weeks in WI then a few weeks getting ready for the baby's arrival and it was soooo freakin' hot. This is our summer, though, I swear! Here they have lots of wading pools, which I love. A great, free, way to spend an afternoon!

  2. I know, I love the one on the square, too. I normally go to one of the smaller ones, though, if I'm just wanting some food for the week.

    Wading pools sound wonderful! I'm not sure we have those...just public pools. Ahhhhh, I can't wait! Here's to a fun summer!


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