true story.

James, coming down to the basement wearing only a diaper, "Mom! My chips are gone. I can't find the bag!"

Me, huddled over the computer while talking on phone to sister, "Go watch TV, I'll get you more in a minute!"


  1. sorry, i had to call social services.......he CANNOT watch t.v. and eat a bag of chips! remember when you only gave him home-made organic food???? when you wanted only cloth diapers, when you swore he'd never know what the inside of a mcdonalds looked like, when you acted like a MOTHER!!!!! love, ma

  2. HAHAHAHA. It's called survival mode. It's Ruby's fault. ;)

  3. Funny, we were having the same conversation over here.....Kate

  4. Oh, good. Maybe my mom will report you, too. If they take our kids away then we can go out!

    HAHAHAHAHA! Not a bad idea, really.

  5. Hey, let's go out anyway. We can run faster than they can.


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