a work in progress

I finally printed out some pictures of our family for James' map. I have more to do but our printer was being a pain in the butt the other day. Once they're all on I'm going to draw lines to the correct city. James really likes it. After we put these up he stood back and was doing a little happy dance and greeting everyone. I would really like to make them smaller and do lots of cousins and friends, too. We'll see. I do love that I seem to be able to complete the occasional small project these days.

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  1. you are just too clever. but, WHY do you still have me living in Duluth when my heart is already in Belleville????? dummy-nuts

  2. whatevs. put your money where your mouth is, dramma.

  3. What an amazingly cool idea! How old is James? I wonder if my 2 1/2 y.o. could grasp this concept . . .

  4. Hey, thanks! :) I'm sure I saw or read about it somewhere so I can't take credit.

    James was 3 in December. I bet Iris would get it, you should try!

    Thanks for stopping by...


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