b o r i n g & b o r i n g e r

I am down in the basement with the best intentions of getting some stuff on ebay. nah. Okay, I'll start some laundry. yawn. Okay, okay, I'll just post on my blog. Nope. Not feeling it. I'll just say, for the grandparents, that I posted some pics over on Yahoo from our visit to the playground yesterday. Patrick made a huge (over 6') snowman with a full head of hair. It was hairlarious! (sorry, couldn't resist)


  1. Sorry you're bored this a.m., but thanks for putting the photo's up, they are perfect. I can't wait to see you guys. xoxo ma

  2. what a AWESOME snowman!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks! I thought it was pretty cute, too. I'll tell Patrick. :)


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