Our little Ruby has learned so many new tricks lately that I thought I should share them. She shakes her head no and seems to know what it means. Sometimes, anyways. For instance: Busted at the toilet yesterday, she started shaking her head as soon as she saw me and she shakes her head and crawls away when I go after her with the wipes and a diaper. It seems she had a communication burst or something in the last week. Sometimes she'll look up at me and go through them, more, no no, up, all done, and then back to she knows that's how she tells me something but it all gets jumbled up in her mind. Other times she does more and all done right when she should and it makes her so happy to see me respond. I just got a Signing Time dvd from the library so I'm hoping to learn some more good ones to use with her. She is such a screecher that any signs she use will benefit all of us. :)

She also does so big now and loves to fake laugh and try and imitate any sound you throw at her. She loves throwing her head back and shaking it around...she's kind of crazy and very silly. I had her in a baby swing at the park for the first time this week and she thought it was great. She realized she could throw her body back and get a little rush.
She gives me a little rush. xoxo


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